Main therapic areas
Main therapic areas
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Prescription products
Most medicines can not be bought without a prescription in the pharmacy for the sake of protecting our own health. Medicines can be classified as potentially dangerous if, even if they are used properly, they can endanger the patient´s health without using a medical checkup. For example, it may be justified if your drug dependence can be easily applied or you must be very careful when taking other medicines.
OTC products
The ever-evolving health culture of the population allows some medicines to be withdrawn from the medical prescription only after due consideration, while also relieving medical doctors of overloading small diseases (nausea, stomach, etc.).

Prescription drugs

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OTC products

Discover our non-prescription portfolio

Here you can find out more about our over-the-counter products. Click on the link and learn about our non-prescription portfolio. OTC is the abbreviation for "over the counter". It refers to no-prescription products. However, it is always important to consult with your physician or pharmacist before choosing an item.

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